Sale and training of bioresonance devices

Models bioplasm metatron hunter  biophilia intruder biophilia tracker and rife therapy software

Hello dear therapists, we are a group of therapists dedicated to spreading bioresonance and biofeedback therapy.



Hector Arias Orellana, Psychologist, whatsapp +56976096433

Maria de Jesus Perez Barillas, therapist in bioresonance and biofeedback whatsapp +52 1 222 446 7037

Tania Barillas  Bioresonance and frequency therapist rife    +52 1 221 226 0196

We have more than 7 years training health professionals and alternative therapists

More than 7 years of experience giving individual classes to therapists teaching our own method of therapy that we managed to develop after years of patient care.

We are representatives of the therapy device factory that have the highest quality certification

We are representatives of Singularity Co. Ltd. manufacturer of bioresonance and biofeedback devices.

Your questions are important, we can send prices of the devices, the factory warranty is 3 years, we can talk call us by whatsapp our therapist Maria de Jesus Perez will answer your questions.

Maria de Jesus Perez,  sales and training   whatsapp +522224467037 

You can see some of our old training videos in English language